Frequently Asked Questions

About the Whalet and Whalet Card

Whalet is an online prepaid electronic purse service provided by DIV. It allows you to load cash into a Whalet account (“Account”) before you start making purchases online or at any in-store retailers where Whalet is accepted. Whalet gives you a secure, safe and convenient way to make payments, without the hassle of handling loose change or worry about the loss of your money due to theft.

The Whalet Card (“Card”) is a contactless smartcard issued by DIV for use with your Whalet account. All you need to do is purchase the Card and add it to your Account to activate it. The Whalet Card can be used at any participating in-store merchants for any payment or reload transactions. Transactions made using the Card will directly debit or credit the Account accordingly.

It’s easy! Just visit and follow the sign-up instructions there. All you need to provide for account creation is a valid email address and mobile phone number.

  1. Please double check to ensure that the email address was typed in correctly.
  2. Please check your junk/spam folder of your mail box as the verification email may have been directed there.
  3. If you still don’t receive the email, please repeat the sign-up steps to resend the verification email.

For Whalet school card holder, please contact the teacher in charge.

For Whalet RFL card holder, please email to below detail given:-

You can add up to a maximum of five (5) cards to a single Whalet account at any one time.

Reloading your account is also easy and convenient! Just login to your account and perform reload online via FPX*. The money is instantaneously credited to your Whalet account once the reload transaction is successful, and you can use it immediately to make payments.

Alternatively, you can also reload by paying cash over the counter at the designated reload agents within your cashless community. For Whalet school card holder, please reload at school bookstore or Kiosk.

*Note: FPX/Bank/Reload transaction charges apply.

The maximum balance limit on each Whalet account is RM200. This amount is shared by all Whalet cards linked to the same Whalet account.

Utilisation of funds from each Whalet account, whether via online transactions or transactions made using Whalet cards, shall be subjected to the following transaction limits:

No Description Limit(RM)
1 Single transaction 200.00
2 Maximum daily spending * 200.00

*A lower maximum daily spending limit can be set at

To make payment, simply tap your card to the card terminal or reader when requested to do so by the merchant. The amount of your purchase will be deducted directly from your Whalet account immediately.

You can check your balance by:

  • Logging in your Whalet account
  • Tapping onto the designated terminal / reader for balance enquiry

You may request for a refund of the unutilized balance in your account by calling our customer service helpdesk at 03-7720 1800 or emailing us at

Refunds will only be processed on condition that we are able to verify that you are the rightful owner of the account. As such, you are highly encouraged to complete the registration of your account to ensure ease of refund in the future.

Upon successful verification of your identity, your refund will be processed and your money will be returned to you within fourteen (14) working days. We will refund the money to you via interbank-giro transfer to a designated account under your name only.

Registration of your account will only be completed upon the submission of information such as your full name, I/C No., gender, date of birth, nationality and mailing address. This can be done via by updating your information in the “My Profile” section of your account.

Your transaction history is available online - just login to your account at You can view your current day transactions as well as the transaction history of the last 90 days via the “My Transactions” section.

In the unlikely event there is a transaction error – please contact our customer service helpdesk at 03-7720 1800 or and provide us with the necessary transaction information to assist in resolving the issue. Any transactions that have been established to be wrongly charged to your account will be reversed accordingly.

If you lose your card, you should immediately report the loss of the card by logging into your account and reporting it as lost via the “My Cards” section. Cards that have been reported as lost will be disabled and blocked immediately and cannot be used to perform any transactions.

You can purchase a replacement card from the designated counter within your cashless community:

For Whalet school card holder, please contact the teacher in charge.

For Whalet RFL card holder, please email to below detail given:-

You may choose to set a PIN for each of your cards for added security. You can set, change and manage the PIN for your cards via the “My Cards” section in your account.

Yes – for better control of your expenses, you can choose to set a daily transaction limit for your card via the “My Cards” section in your account.

Please note that the maximum amount per transaction is RM200.

You can use your Whalet and Whalet Card to make payments within at merchants within your cashless community:

You can spend at any participating merchants such as Giant, Tesco, Econsave, Perniagaan Pak Tori, Pasaraya Borong Sakan, Pasaraya Seri Utama, Pasaraya Yawata & more.

For Whalet school user, you can spend at participating school bookstore & canteen.

We are working towards expanding more places where you can use your Whalet and Whalet Card – so stay tuned!

Other matters

You can contact Whalet at the following:

  1. DIV Services Sdn. Bhd. (682942-A) (Formerly known as ePetrol Services Sdn. Bhd.)
    Dialog Tower, Level 3,
    No. 15, Jalan PJU 7/5
    Mutiara Damansara
    47810 Petaling Jaya
  2. Helpdesk: +603-7720 1800 (from 8.30am to 5.30pm, Mon - Fri)
  3. E-mail:

Whalet respects your privacy and will handle all your information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. For more information on our Privacy Policy, please visit